Peru, a unique captivating country located in the continent of South America, stands above the rest with its numerous natural and cultural treasures. Known for its diverse habitats with the peaks of the Andes running from the North to the Southeast, the Amazon jungle in the east and a 1500 mile coastline stretching along the west, it offers immersive experiences to its visitors  through not only its natural beauty but also it incredible & eclectic food and drinks. And any Peruvian adventure remains incomplete without a perfect sip of its national drink named Pisco.

 What is Pisco?

Pisco a colorless to amber colored brandy originated in the 16th Century when Spanish settlers need an alternative to their Orujo or Pomace brandy.  Since Orujo was scarce and only meant for the Holy Church they imported grapes from Spain and planted vineyards in the South of Peru and thus was born   “Pisco”

Mr Fabio Subia – Embassy of Peru In India

Distilled from wine, Pisco is considered a brandy, but bears little resemblance to its oak-aged relative, cognac. A true Peruvian Pisco must be made in the coastal valley areas of Ica, Lima, Arequipa, Moquegua or Tacna and be distilled from wines fermented form the eight varieties of grapes found in this region.
The Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour

A distinctive and complex spirit, Pisco embodies the true soul of Peru!  The king of Pisco cocktails in undoubtedly the Pisco Sour and to celebrate this exquisite drink Le Meridien , Delhi and Embassy of Peru celebrated  International Pisco Sour Day in Delhi on the 8th of February. 

Nero Bar
The Chic and Classy Nero Bar

International Pisco Day is celebrated on then First Saturday of February every year; however this entire month is dedicated to this Fine Drink at the Nero Bar at the Le Meridien, Delhi. I was invited by Embassy of Peru in India and the Ms Meena Bhatia, General Manager, Le Merdien, New Delhi to the chic and classy Nero bar to commemorate this Popular Cocktail.

 The Dips Bar
Make your Bhel Puri

Nero Bar, Le Meridien, New Delhi

Nero Bar has one of the largest menu comprising of fine cocktails, liqueurs, premium scotch and single malts. Add to this a well trained team of bartenders and you just the right ingredients to craft a perfect evening of indulgences.
The Pisco Masala

 The Pisco Masala

To celebrate this special friendship between the ‘land of Spices’ and the ‘land of Incas’ the Mixologist at the Nero bar also created Pisco Masala. An aromatic cocktailing using the Peruvian liquor and Indian spices to create gorgeous blend of both nations. This was accompanied by some delectable hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. From the longest cheese platter in the world to chips and dips bar, to create your own bhel puri   there was something to suit everyone’s palate.

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 For those of us who have yet to travel to this far away enchanted land, Pisco Sour Day gives us a rare insight into the food and cuisine of this country. So head over to Nero bar at the Le Meridien and order yourself  Pisco Sour available all this month, because after all Pisco is Peru!

Pisco Sour and all other Pisco Cocktails available through Feb 2019
Nero Bar
The Le Meridien 
New Delhi

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The Pisco Sour – A Peruvian Delight!

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