Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
India is a nation of diverse cultures, dialects and of course food. Take any road trip and the local food changes faster than the landscape does. With an aim to take this diverse cuisine to a global platform the Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar is running a Food Festival called the “Taste of India”. Frequented by travelers from all over the world, the hotel aims to present the diverse flavours of our country to a global audience through this food festival.

Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar

What sets this Food Festival apart?

Attending any food festival is like embarking on a journey through the flavor and even the cultural nuances of that region. The Taste of India is an experience of not one but many regions of India. The Food Festival not only showcases the delicacies of the regular Punjabi , Rajasthani and south Indian cuisinethat is found easily in the capital but aims to bring to us the regional cuisines like Gharwali, Bengali, Himachali, Purvi, Maharashtrian ,Odissi, Konkani and much more.
Chef Diwas Wadhera and his team (with inputs from colleagues across different regions and states) put up an elaborate menu from a different region every day at Infinity, their all day dining. 
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What we ate the Taste of India Food Festival at the Crowne Plaza?

After being welcomed with a traditional Indian Aarti and tikka, we were presented a menu curated especially by the chef to give us a taste of each of the diverse regions covered in this Indian Food Festival. The beautifully curated menu also included some Progressive Indian Dishes to highlight the chef’s prowess in this arena.
Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
Mushroom Galouti
Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
Paneer ki bansuri
We began with a mushroom galouti and a paneer ki Bansuri. The galouti with hints of clove, cinnamon and other spices just melts in your mouth and was appreciated even by the Carnivorous diners. 
Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
This followed by Dahi Bhalla a popular Indian Street Food comprising of Moong Dal Fritters topped with fresh cold Curd, Chutneys and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. A refreshing appetizers and loved by all!

What we loved at the Taste of India Food Festival?

Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
The litti Choka with Sattu juice, a regional dish from the bylanes of the state of Biharwas one my favourites. Plated beautifully, with a modern take on the Chokha. It was less chunky that the authentic chokhaand more creamy. I also missed the pungency of the mustard oil, the dish was still delicious though not exactly authentic. The creaminess of the eggplant offsetting the crisp balls of sattu and dough beautifully.
Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
Also not to missed was the nariyalka shorba. A wonderful emulsion of Coconut milk with lentils it was true representation of the southern belt of the country.
Indian Food Festival at Crowne Plaza. Mayur Vihar
The main course was creamy kofta of soft cheese coated with spinach and accompanied with a paneer makhani. A pretty dish with complementary flavors!

The Desserts

A dessert was a chocolate dome with Indian mithai and I must admit iwas bit skeptical as this dish has been dome to death by almost a restaurants in the capital. A dish with much drama, but usually little imagination or taste. However the Chef decided to add his own innovative twist here too and replaced the usual chocolate sauce with a hot rabri like Kheer and under the dome rested the biggest surprise of all , a gulab jamun. Since Gulab Jamun is my second most favourite Indian sweet after the JalebiI lapped it up happily.
The Festival is one till the 24th of September and available for 730pm to 11 pm nd if you craving some Regional Indian Fare not easily found at the Capital I recommend you head to Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar and give submit yourself to Chef Dewas’s Magic!
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