Luxury Dining has new address in the heart of the city now. Camouflaged in the outer circle  among  many other Restaurants in CP, is this hot and happening eatery named Imperial spice. The Imperial Spice, a fine dining Indian & Global Cuisine restaurant, opened its door at Connaught Place a few months ago.
What sets it apart from other Indian Restaurants is it effort to add a twist to the regular fare while still keeping the soul and heart true to its authenticity 

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Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
Innovative Mocktails

Ambiance at the Imperial Spice, CP

From the word go it has won the hearts and palates of Delhi diners and food lovers, with not only it delicious offerings but innovative events and experiences.
If you are looking of romantic evening with a violinist or a candle light dinner with a melodious cello band then Imperial Spice is the place to head to. The food, the ambiance and the music make it one the top restaurants in CP,Delhi.  Add to this their latest initiative the Queens Brigade, to celebrate womanhood and self empowered women and you have a winner
Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
We were greeted by cold towels to wipe awau the Capital’s Heat and Pollution
Located on the first floor with a Magnificent entrance, a sprawling bar that is sure to grab your attention and two private dining areas, the surest way to describe this place is opulent. The rich plush upholstery you would love sinking into, gold accents on walls and ceiling and dark wooden paneling lend a feeling of grandiose and do make you feel Imperial.
Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
Tandoori Platter
One of the few Restaurants in CP to offer a large exotic menu covering Indian, Pan Asian and Global Flavors, the variety of dishes left us quite overwhelmed. And if you do find yourself similarly lost when you visit this fine dining restaurant here is my list of must try dishes to help you navigate their largish but mouthwatering menu

 Must Try dishes at this Restaurants in CP

Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
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1. Signature Pan Tikka- If you are looking for a quick bite of wholesome snack, mint and pan marinated Paneer tikka rolled with Pan Leaf will get you through. A pan leaf rolled around is a must try, never could you imagine that pan could add such freshness and dimensions to flavor to the classic paneer tikka. The smokiness of the pan adds such layers of flavor of the classic paneer tikka that you almost escape to a whole new world!
Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
Eggplant In Pepper Sauce

2. Fried Eggplant in Pepper Sauce– This is a perfect flavorful dish for vegetarians. The creamy flesh of the grilled eggplant with roasted red pepper sauce is definitely taking the humble eggplant to all new heights with a perfect pair of tenderness in its sweet tangy twist.

Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
3. Imperial Signature Galouti Kebab – This dish has a perfect balance of 12 spice mix that melts tenderly in your mouth like any  good galouti should. The brown and soft kebabs are served with sprinkled lemon juice, and the taste is simply heavenly.

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Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp
Saffro Chicken Tikka


4. Kesari Murgh Malai Tikka: It’s like a daydream of any non-veg lover. With the flavors of the exotic saffron and marinated meat that is cooked exactly to its right point.

5. Mutton Chops: it’s a try or die dish! The romance is redefined with amazing pieces of Mutton Chops. It’s Very tender and full of flavorsome spices.

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6. Penang Curry with steamed Rice: This perfectly simmered curry is enriched with the fresh flavors of coconut and peanut. It’s a flavored broth with subtle hints of Thai basil cooked with vegetables, served with right amount of hot steamed rice.

Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp


7. Roasted Chicken Pizza– A perfect thin crust pizza with roasted chicken and oodles of cheese

Multigrain Roti
8. Papad Mangodi ki subzi– This exotic dish will take you on a quick trip to Rajasthan. This traditional dish is a masterpiece recreated with next-gen efforts. Try the curry with simple whole wheat roti, and fall in love all over again.

Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp


9. Taar Korma: this is an ancient royal recipe served with a regional Indian touch. It blends the traditional Mughlai flavors with liberal nut paste, saffron and ‘dum style’ cooking. You have to eat it to know it! 
10. Murgh Dak Bangla: this will be a sweet surprise with unknown flavors of joy, customized with the modern spice mix. This is ready to serve dish to satisfy tour hunger. Add it with Plain rice or chapatti.

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Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp


11. Chocolate Rabri Decker– It’s a unique combination of rich sinful rabri layered with dark chocolate truffle. This Chocolate rich indulgent dessert is so addictive that it will defintely have you craving more than one serving.

Imperial Spice, Restaurants in Cp


12. Signature Lehsun ki KheerWe decided to top it off the meal with their signature Kheer. While garlic does make our pasta and fondue taste better and even recommended by grandma for toothache, rarely do we imagine it as a dessert. A rare and labor-intensive preparation, reminiscent of almond Kheer you are sure to love it!
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12 Dishes You Must Try at this Restaurant in CP : Imperial Spice

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