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Wine tasting sessions are dime a dozen in city full of wine lovers and aspiring wine connoisseurs, then how do you decide which wine tasting workshop is worth your money, time and of course your palate and which are not. The customary motivations behind a wine tasting session include the Love of Wine, Paring wine with your favorite food, meeting new people and impressing others with your knowledge
Today I give you 5 good reasons beyond these as to  why you should book yourself a wine tasting session at Enoteca , the Wine Cellar at the The Oberoi , New Delhi  for an extraordinary experience
Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
Variety of Wine

1.An Extensive Selection of Wine at The Oberoi New Delhi

The Wine Library at The Oberoi New Delhi is housed in a glass enclosed; temperature controlled wine cellar and stocks a vast selection of fine wines from a number of countries.  With an assortment of wines, the collection has been curated by The Oberoi and you are sure to come across some rare wines, that are not so readily available at your neighborhood liquor vend.

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Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
We Begin with a Sparkling
However, rare does not mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket, with wines ranging from likes of Sula and Fratelli to fine International Labels like Fairview, you are sure to find something that fits your budget and palate.
Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
Bespoke Tasting

2.Bespoke Wine Tasting

Usually held in small intimate groups ( 2-5 persons), unlike most other wine tasting workshops where the wine selection is pre determined, the wine tasting experience can be customized as per your liking and taste preferences.
 A warm welcoming table laden with cheese, cracker, fruits and set with a beautiful array of wine glasses takes center stage as you enter Enoteca. I was greeted with a warm smile by our sommeliers for the evening,  Rakesh &  his assistant Harshit . On being questioned about my tastes, I informed him of my penchant for light, off dry wines. Harshit immediately tailored the session to include off dry, light and medium bodied wines like Chandon Rose, Sula Rasa and while doing away with the drier Pinot Noir and the likes. Thus making a splendid evening even more enjoyable
Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
Cheese Platter
Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
The Sommelier – Harshit


Like in all other fields the Sommeliers at the Oberoi were top notch in their knowledge of wines.  Intertwined with lighthearted banter they take you through the journey of wine tasting, feeding you with tit bits of trivia about the wine you savor, the entire time and never once letting the experience becoming boring or too heavy. True to their word,  “you travel the world in a wine glass at Enoteca”
Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi

 4.The Famous Hospitality of The Oberoi Group

The Oberoi, New Delhi has always been the epitome of luxury, splendor and hospitality. Warm smiling faces, attention to detail, opulent setting and personalized service all add to this magnificent experience truly transporting you to another world all together.

Though I did find the promised canapés missing, they more than made up for it by their generous refills of the cheese platter and the bread basket. If you do feel like nibbling something more substantial you can order starters and small bites from the adjoining 360 degree.

Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
We opted for a pizza topped with sundried tomatoes, spinach and pine nut. Though the pizza looked divine, it left a lot to be desired.  A little limp in texture, it was poorly baked and  I would not rate too high on  flavor either.  I really wish they would pay a bit more attention to their offering for vegetarians, which is lacking in both variety and taste.
Wine Tasting At the Oberoi New Delhi
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While word reasonable and luxury rarely come together in the same sentence, the wine tasting session is both. Priced quite modestly at Rs 1500 plus taxes for a session,  with 5 glasses of fine wine, endless supplies of cheese, cracker and freshly baked bread I personally felt was a steal. Each wine I tasted would be priced at t Rs 600- 1000 per glass at more modest establishment, while a good cheese platter with  more than 3 types of cheeses is still hard to come by  in the capital’s best restaurants.

Wine tasting at the Oberoi New ZDelhi
The Bread Basket
These Wine Tasting sessions are held at the Enoteca at the Oberoi , New Delhi every Wednesday and Friday evening and can be attended with prior booking. Priced at Rs1500 plus taxes per person for tasting 5 glasses of wine including a sparkling, two red and two white  and is must attend if  you love wine or even just the finer things in life.
So what are you waiting for grab your gang and block your seats for a enchanting evening in the lap of luxury. More Details Here

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Wine Tasting Master Class at The Oberoi, New Delhi – 5 Reasons To Attend

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