Triveni Kala Sangam Terrace Cafe has not changed much over the past decade or so. The food is still wholesome and  delicious, though they have added a few specials and fancy dishes over the years. My new favourite being the Smoked Mushroom Kebab, An  succulent kebab with earthy smells of wood and fire that just melts in your mouth. Spiced with cinnamon, cloves and  other Khada masala it goes perfectly with the green chutney  accompanying it.

Another perfect appetizer at The Terrace Cafe at Triveni Kala Sangam is the Sabudana Kichidi, a wholesome meal in itself. Peppered with  peanuts and boiled potatoes, tempered with curry leaves and black mustard it makes for a wining combination of textures an flavors

The Terrace Cafe at Triveni Kala Sangam
Sabudana Khichdi with Green Chutney
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Palak Patta Chat is one of the New Additons
The Terrace Cafe at Triveni Kala Sangam
Simple Ice Tea made  in the Traditional Style is refreshing and healthy


The desserts still have the ole faithful carrot cake, but the dish to watch out for  is the chocolate brownie. Praised incessantly by my server it sure is one of the gooey-est brownies I have had for while. I recommend you get one for just for old times sake when chocolate brownies were simple  desserts  , before its indiscriminate bastardisation  with fancy nuts, sauces, sea salts and so on.


 Brownie at The Terrace Cafe at Triveni Kala Sangam
The Simple Goeey Chocolate brownie


Just before do have a dekho at their forlorn looking collection of teatime cakes and cookies. Hidden among them is  a beautifully flavored coffee chocolate teacake that you will not regret taking home to savor with your tea or steal a piece at midnight.  ☺

I ‘ ve been a bad bad girl…. and so I decided what better atonement could there be for my sins ( in this case sheer laziness), than sharing with you another jewel ( hidden or not is questionable) in Delhi ‘s myraid eateries.

Triveni Kala Sangam Canteen … ooops , I meant cafeteria  and tea terrace was recently introduced to me by my pal. Though my association with Triveni goes back a couple of years , when I used to go there for sculpture classes, I never quiet managed to stop for lunch afterwards.

Located opposite FICCI, in the heart of the city at 205, Tansen Marg, it is frequented not only by the artistic frantenity, but you ‘ll find a considerable number of legal eagles ( probably owing to its proximity to the courts) and corporates suits  there at lunch time.

 The Terrace Garden Cafe

Tucked behind the main corridor it is the adjoining tea terrace, overlooking the step style garden, that finds favor with most patrons at this time of year.

What could be better that enjoying a meal of phulkas, dal, sabzi , and gajar ka halwa ,strongly reminiscent of your mom’s cooking, while enjoying the warm winter sum of Delhi? Actually nothing, it just pure bliss.Located bang in the middle of an ever noisy, crowded, polluted city it can be source of great solace”

( Waiting at lunch time & menu)

The menu is simple yet lacks nothing, the dishes are color coded according to the day of the week they are available. While staples like dal , palak paneer, raita, salad and rice are available throughout the week, other dishes might be available on 2-3 days of week. On the two occasions I went  to The Terrace Cafe at Triveni Kala Sangam , I insisted on sitting in the al fresco dining area and had to wait for 5 -10 minutes during peak lunch hours.

We began with usual order of dal and since both the times we went it was coincidentally a Tuesday the first day we tried  the paneer burji and the second the aloo jeera. The dal is the unassuming yellow kind which we tend to ignore at home.

Maybe it the medley of  subtle flavours or the simple way it was cooked ( no floating oil or overload of spices ) or maybe it was the warm afternoon sun peppered by snatches of interesting conversation around, but the Dal somehow tasted just divine here.

(the adorable mirchi paratha with the rest)

The paneer burji gave it good competition for space in my plate n stomach both. Simple like the home cooked variety, tomatoes and onions sauteed with crumbled cottage cheese with a sprinkling of chili powder, jeera, garam masala, and dhaniya powder, it was flavorsome and appetizing.The aloo jeera, which I tried on my second visit was great too. Non oily, light  bringing out the sweetness of potatoes as a vegetable, it came in a close second to the paneer

What was most memorable and I loved the most was the Mirchi Paratha. Just rightly spiced, flaky and yet crisp it was just the right accompaniment to the dal and vegetables.All this served generous helping of green chutney  and raw onions.I insisted on trying the aloo paratha though I was full , just to see how well it fared in comparison . Frankly I think it could not hold a candle to its spicier cousin.My friend had a simple phulka  which were quite good too. He’s also a fan of the nimbu pani , which again reminds us all of home

We finished of the meal with the gulab jamun on the first occasion and they were the apt ending. Soft , warm and drenched in syrup, they were mouth watering. The couple next to us were having some gajar halwa which looked pretty appetizing too. But beware, try to place your order for the dessert before your meal or you may be happily informed by your waiter that its “Over sir!! J “

The service is prompt and efficient, though you might have to remind your waiter twice for things like spoons and chutney. If you tend to become addicted like me then knowing him by the first name might help.If you still have  space do try their coffee. And what ofcourse is the biggest USP of this place is the pricing. Easy on your pocket, for some of us it can become a good alternative to home food on an almost regular basis

Having a few moments to linger ( I hope my boss is not reading this K) we decided to revel in the afternoon sun in the open air amphitheater and admire a sculpture exhibition. Feeling  blissful, calmed and extremely well feed I left triveni a happy person, vowing to come back again next week.


Acess: Easy, right opposite FICCI
Pricing: Easy on the pocket, under Rs 100 per head
Service: Good, friendly
Food: Excellent, simple,wholesome, reminds you of home cooked food
Ambiance: Excellent , especially the al fresco seating in th winters

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