Edit 2019-Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen, today also serves the same homely yet delicious soul food.Read on to know more

A few zillion years ago,(circa 2012) when I was still a seeker of the truth I wondered into a Himalayan Haven in the lanes of Hauz Khas Village. Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen, as i knew it served the best Nepalese, Bhutanese and Himalayan Cuisine. From the Humble TIngmo, to the Juiciest Momos and the spiciest Black Bean Mushrooms. When I Heard the news of Yeti Closing my heart broke!

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Fortunately it reopened in 2017 and I had a chance to visit it once again, last week. Tucked in between the Loud and raucous Fork You and other such eateries, step into the calm of the hills with lilting music playing int he background. Decorated with Buddhist prayer wheels and other artifacts from the region you are surely not going to miss the hills in the soaring heat while here.

What we ate. I am not kidding when I am saying we ate a lot and here goes the list.

Food at Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

1. Thenthuk- A flavourful Eastern Tibetian Style broth with hand pulled noodles. I mostly avoid all kinds of soups and broths but this was so delicious with the perfect balance of flavours , salty,sour spicy and more that i polished it off till the last drop.

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

2. Yeti Veg Platter- Served in a Thali, it s set of 3 Nepalese snacks with TIngmo- Aloo Sadeko, Wai Wai Sadeko and Bhuteko Chana

3.Crispy Spinach- A tibetian Snack , this is my favorite, deep fried whole spinach leaves with onions can go very well with a pint of beer. We had some of the choicest mocktails to accompany this.

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

4.Momos- Veg and Aloo- The vegetable momos here are the juiciest I have ever eaten in the city. Huge little dumplings, of spicy filling, perfectly steamed with a choice 3 dipping sauces.

5.In the Maincourse we opted with the Mushroom Daitchi. – Daitichi is Bhutaneese comfort food at its best, an indulgent broth made of cheese and mushrooms accompanied by a warm bread, the few bites takes you into an intense food coma.

The most delicious dessert at Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

6. We ended the meal with Yomari, rice flour dumpling with nutella and chocolate . Though by the end of the meal we were so stuffed that moving was almost unimaginable we could not resist these decadent dumpling. Remember to order them with your main course though as they take almost 35 minutes to steam.


Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchencirca 2012

Its a long time I ve written and while some of the blame can be put down to lethargy , most of it is on the fact that i have been too busy trying to get a foot hold in this big big food industry with my lil baby Exotic cakes and desserts. But after 3 nope 4 trips in a short time and a new camera…yeti had me itching to write about its wonderful food and beautiful ambience. So without much ado here goes

My foodie friend and me had heard a little about this place that served Nepalese and Tibetan food in HKV called yeti and when one cold winter evening for the want of something other than Gunpowder we gingerly climbed up the stairs leading to Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen little did we know that we  were gonna find  such a treasure cove.

The Ambiance

Pretty relics and laid back unpretentious atmosphere

Yeti had us hooked at first sight……. Buzzing with conversation with Buddhist music playing in the background, luscious aromas assault your senses as you enter. Aptly named “the Himalayan Kitchen ” you feel your inside a resteraunt perched atop the Himalayas,  when you are greeted by smiling staff dressed in Traditional Nepalese attire, simple wodden furniture and beautiful relics on the wall. Grabbing two bar stools we proceeded to study the menu that at time seemed almost to be in another language.

However soon the friendly waitress came to our rescue and proceeded to answer everyone of our inane queries. The menu  is divide into  Nepalese, Bhutanese and Burmese fare which is further divided into appetizers, soup, main course, thalis and so on. Since I ve been to Yeti almost 4-5 times I will describe each of the dishes we eaten in order of course.

Mom was pretty impressed by the thali n its on her list to try

The Appetizers are mind boggling

We ordered the veg moms andmushrooms in black bean paste with tingmothe first time.  Piro Aloo the second time. and crispy spinach with tingmo the fourth time. Tingmo is a steamed and fermented bread  and is a Tibetan staple and goes quit well the tibetean starter. The mushrooms in black beans are flavoursome and earthy and you will find yourself licking the platter clean. A bit spicy they are equally delicious on thier own even without the bread.

The Amazing Daitchi, we can’t wait to stuff oursleves

The Crispy Spinach is just a tad bit oily but tastes great nevertheless, delicately flavored and accompanied with 3 sauces its can be quite a delight. The Piro aloopotatoes cooked Darjeeling-style, with red chillies was nice but we found it a bit too spicy and forced to leave it. The Veg Momos are little parcel of heaven and not you average street side momos. Big in size they have you begging for more even as your pant buttons threaten to pop.

The Main Course

In the main course we tried Mushroom and mix veg daichi with Tingmo( yep you guessed it I love Tingmo). A rich dish of Mushroom and greens tossed in a creamy goat cheese sauce, its delicious. One bite and your transported to nirvana.  On another visit we tried the Fried Mushroom Gravy and the Veg Fried Rice. The Mushroom gravy was very much like the Mushrooms in black bean sauce and goes well with veg fried rice. I would recommend the Veg Fried Rice , as it found it spiced just right and beautifully flavoured.

The Main Course with there spice Sauce. I have eyes only for the you

The portions sizes here are large and usually find you’ve eaten more than intended.I suggest everyone take a culinary trip to the Himalayan Kitchen  and I am sure you’ll come back a Big Fan like we did.

Price: Average – Rs 800 for two
Ambiance: Laid Back, cosy and inviting
Food: A food haven that will have u coming back for more. Warning may lead to Food Coma 

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Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen, Hauz Khas Village | Restaurant Review

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