“If the Smell of petrichor, the drumming of the raindrops on the window and the soothing blue green skies is what you miss, then head to this  one restaurant in Delhi-MONSOON

Monsoon By Cafe Lota
Monsoon By Cafe Lota

Tucked away in the now bustling Aerocity, this casual yet elegant restaurant dishes out regional food like no other With its ochre walls, teak furniture and multi hued crockery it a great place to catch with your girls pals or have hearty meal your family.

Why Monsoon

Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy

The name, Monsoon, is evocative of the Joy, passion and respite one experiences with onset of cloud bearing rains after the blistering heat.  The same delight and ecstasy is reflected in its food, that takes you away from the mundane and is a pleasurable escape from regular hum drum life

Monsoon boasts of  a lineage of well appreciated restaurants  & cafes with authentic Indian recipes from all corners of the country in street food and traditional cuisines. So, one expects no less from this new venture.

Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy

The Food at Monsoon, Aerocity

The menu is a departure from the usual as it revives long forgotten, humble, grains and vegetables indigenous to our country. These have been incorporated into regional recipes with a twist here and there to tickle your taste buds. With an Innovative Mix of dishes you are sure to find something to appeal to everyone.

Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy

I started with India  restaurant staple, the Veg Kebab Platter , aptly named the Odd Veg Kebab, the platter is mix and match of some of least popular vegetables including the much despised bottle gourd , shaped into delectable Kebabs. The Gheeya seekh was my favorite, delicately flavored with melt in your mouth texture it is definitely a novelty.

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Buckwheat Pancakes at Monsoon
Pic Courtesy- Monsoon by Cafe Lota Buckwheat Pancakes

Though Pancakes are something you would rather eat for breakfast, the Buckwheat Pancakes at Monsoon are a must try never mind what time of the day it is. Simple kuttu flour pancakes have been taken to another level all together. The secret of course is the mild spicy  after taste of the Zarai Cheese from Uttaranchal ,that pairs brilliantly with rich nutty taste of the  Kuttu flour.

Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy
The Salad

We also tried the the Yogurt & Cheese Croquettes and Chicken and Prawn Pepper Stir Fry in the non vegetarian

Jackfruit Stirfry

 Moving on to the mains , I was surprised to find Jackfruit ( stir fry) on the menu at Moonsoon,which though often eaten in the east and south makes rare appearance in the menu of a  restaurant in Delhi. I also loved the Broccoli Makhani. A enormous floret of broccoli, with Malai marinade crisped up in the tandoor. Offset with a velvety makhani gravy, flavored with a gamut of spices this was a brilliantly conceptualized dish with some great textures

Each dish at Monsoon is paired with a different kind of bread to bring out the unique flavors. The Jackfruit Stir Fry was accompanied by soft fluffy Buckwheat Roti while the Broccoli came with tandoori roti with oodles of butter

Food ar Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy
The Cheese Kulcha

Stuffed but wanting more we also tried the Cheese Kulcha Filed with Bandel Cheese, a salty pretzel like tasting cheese from west Bengal, it is served with beautifully prepared lotus stem raita.

The Dessert Selection at Monsoon

Halwa at Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy

We ended the meal with gorgeous and wholesome Halwa , With a hint of coffee and the tang of orange Chef Udit Maheswari weaves his magic to create another Masterpiece. Also do try their completely decadent sounding Chocolate Torte.Made with organic chocolate its something that will keep you coming back for more

Tipples and more

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Sangria at Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy
The Sangria

Taking it a notch higher than Cafe Lota, Monsoon has a fantastic Bar Menu. They have an extensive and well curated wine and beer list and happy to suggest pairing with your food.

And if after the meal you want to linger on to soak in their Monsoon vibe oder yourself a cup of coffee or herbal tea from large variety of herbal and infused teas and a wide range of coffees. I enjoyed sipping their Mango and Green Chilli Sangria with my meal.

Monsoon By Cafe Lota, Aerocityy

The Verdict

Breathing new life into forgotten grains and millet, using indigenous ingredients Monsoon takes Indian Cuisine to new Heights . Visit Monsoon to get a taste of the  good and wholesome life!

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