Sustainable Travel is the new buzz word, what is it exactly and how to be a Sustainable Traveler, here are some quick and easy tips

There is an increasing trend of traveling throughout the world. We all like to explore new and beautiful places . while it is true that traveling can help improve the economy of the world, it also leaves a negative impact on the earth’s environment. So, when it comes to traveling to new travel destinations especially scenic natural places, you shouldn’t forget keeping sustainable traveling in mind. There is no doubt that you can enjoy your journey without harming the nature and leaving a negative impact on the environment. Are you still confused?  Here are some steps for to follow for sustainable travel.

Eating Local for Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Eating local has many benefits from good health, to a reduced carbon footprint and ofcourse a richer cultural experience. Food tourism is on the rise and the best way to experience the local cuisine is to eat at eateries run by locals and serving seasonal fresh produce. In Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam street food vendors provide some of the best local dishes, while in places like Melbourne , I found the locally produced cheese and wine some of the best gifts to get back home for my friends.

However sustainable travel does not mean risking with your health and if  you find street food a bit risky trying eating at restaurants run by Locals rather than chains to support the local economy.

Local Transport

Sustainable Travel
Bikes are a green option to get around

Use the most green option to get around once you reach your travel destination. Like in Hoi Ann, Vietnam  the countryside  is best enjoyed while ridng a bike rather than a car. Similarly use the local bus or underground over a private taxi or Uber to get around and minimize your carbon footprint. This leads to both a more immersive experience of the local culture as well as a more sustainable travel option

Use Sustainable Clothing

Whether you are going hiking, visiting a wildlife sanctuary or just sightseeing,y ou shouldn’t forget choosing sustainable clothing. You should avoid using clothing that harm the environment or wildlife, like leather, or fur while travelling. Buy better quality clothes that last longer from ethical manufacturers if possible

Respect all Cultures

It is another important point that you need to keep in mind while unveiling the benefits of sustainable traveling. Actually, when you visit at a new country or tourist place, you may need to deal with a different culture. Obviously, there could be chances of clashes. Respect the local customs and rituals.  Make an effort to learn about the local customs before  going to your place of travel to avoid any faux pau.

Green Travel – No Plastic Garbage

No Plastic Waste to keep the oceans Clean

While visit a beautiful monuments or during a sightseeing excursion we should take care of its natural architecture. Do not deface it by scratching on the wall etc, Also avoid spreading garbage and plastic waste.

Similarly it is your duty to take care of the natural destination while traveling. Whether you are going to explore a wildlife sanctuary or a natural land, You should avoid harming the natural process of the location like trying to feed the animals or disposing plastic wastes into water bodies This way, you can protect the environment and still enjoy the experience

Share you Sustainable Travel Experience

Sharing your experience on social media with others not only makes it more fun , but also inspires other to be a more sustainable traveler themselves!



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